Why you should take up dancing

In my recent to trip to the Australia, I was lucky enough to be able to come across a dance class on the Gold Coast. I have watched my wife take dance classes in the past, however, it never really interested me… funnily enough, she’s into hip hop even though she’s the furthest thing from “the streets”.

I could just never keep up with the counts, and found it immensely challenging to follow anything in the correct order. I hear you – practice makes perfect.

So what’s the big deal? Why am I saying you should take up dancing, even if you suck at it?

Well because this dance class was different – they actually teach freestyle concepts, which allow you to dance without having to recall complex steps or routines. Besides, you’re never really going to use the moves you learn in these classes unless you’re performing, which isn’t 99.9% of the population.

So how does it work? Basically, we learned about concepts like hand placements, footwork, groove, and other stuff and then learned to combine them to make them look better.

It was an amazing experience, because the idea allows you to teach yourself how to dance… not just follow a routine. I highly recommend Dance Skool if you’re local or visiting the Gold Coast in Australia.

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How to accomplish your goals

“How do you eat an elephant?”

One bite at a time. As ridiculous as it sounds, this saying by an unknown person makes a big statement – nothing big gets accomplished without first taking the small step.

As the saying goes, “the journey of a 1000 miles starts with a single step”.

If you have a large goal, such as setting up a business, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the amount of things that actually go into building one. It may even seem like an impossible task. However, there is a way to get around it.

First, you must define what exactly your goal is. Then you must break down each step, into smaller goals which make up the big one… this is part of the “elephant” which you will eat first, and then eventually devour.… Read the rest

Music style preferences – white people vs black people

Ever since i was young, I’ve always loved hip hop and the culture surrounding it. I don’t know why… maybe it was just the rebel attitude that the artists carried at the time in their style and music. As I grew older, many of my peers told me they hated the style of music, and I never understood why.

Maybe it was my way of thinking?

Maybe I loved the beats and being able to groove to it.

Whatever it was, it’s long gone… it’s only a nostalgic memory I can enjoy once in a while, because the culture is officially retarded itself. From the “big players” in the game now ranging from Drake, to Lil Wayne, to YG, to other idiotic songs like this:

I’m appalled to consider myself a “hip hop head” because people think this is all it is.

Now if you’re really into some serious hip hop, and need to clear your head out from this garbage… here’s a classic to kick back with :)
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Opinion on the school and college system (part 2)

As I finished my last post on the school and college system, a new thought occurred to me. Why is it that some people succeed when others fail?

What is the quality that sets the “winners” apart from the “losers”? Is it a head start in life? Is it a genetic trait? I don’t know – but all the “winners” I know in my life have made a lot of mistakes. In school, you’re punished for making mistakes with low marks, sometimes ridicule, and getting “labeled” as a c, d, or f student. All labels which bright kids (although not necessarily) get put on them, and then carry through to adulthood.

This archaic way of categorising children makes way for an impact down the road whether it’s positive or negative.

Most of the times, this teaches us that making mistakes is bad. That we must follow a system to achieve in ife outside the system. But the most successful people broke the rules, went against the grain, and pursued what they really wanted – you see, the winners are people who aren’t always the most academic. A degree might and you a good job, but it’s just a ticket to another ladder which you can climb.

The options that offer the most freedom also come with the most risk – being an entrepreneur, business owner, or trying to make it as a musician, actor, or other creative industry carries a quality most people just don’t have. The tenacity to succeed.

Napoleon Hill in his book “Think and Grow Rich” called this a “burning desire”. It’s the fire inside those people that DRIVE them to make decisions most people think are bad, insensible, or downright risky.

I think the school system should take many more real life skills into practise. Many people in adulthood still lack very important or highly desireable life skills life:

  • Clear communication
  • Dealing with stress and anxiety
  • Being able to organize your life and self
  • How to be happy
  • Lifestyle skills dance, martial arts, boxing (I’ll explain why I think this is important later)
  • How to have confidence
  • How to create a life OUTSIDE of the academic system
  • Health and fitness
  • How to network with people

I believe schools and colleges should incorporate important things like this into their curriculums to make it more relevant to todays world. Sure, some math, english, physics and other classes might come in handy here and there once in a blue moon – but those skills are required on a very regular basis.

Doesn’t it just make sense that if people are forced into an academic system, that they’re well rounded, high quallity human beings by the time they get out? I think so.

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My opinion on the school and college “system”

Another day has passed… and you haven’t once used an ounce of algebra, trigonometry, or any of the other things that were oh-so-important to get through high school – right? Well, unless of course you’re a scientist, or in any profession that requires math skills to get by.

But my beef’s not with the school system exactly (although I’ll explain what I think needs to be done to make it significantly better) – but the propaganda associated with “get a college degree, get married, live life happily ever after”.

Sounds familiar doesn’t it? And maybe you actually are a college educated professional with a wife and beautiful family, and all the money you want in the world.

But if you’re one of the few people that don’t into “the system” the world, your parents, and just about everyone you know has drilled into you since childhool… then congratulate yourself. Pat yourself on the back. The reason I say this is because it takes MAJOR guts to not accept mainstream thoughts and ideas and just blindly believe them. Same goes for religious kids who researched on their own and maybe even let their religion take a backseat to more logical thoughts. And even if you do believe in Islam, Christianity, Bhuddism, or any other religion – props. I don’t, but it’s a personal decision you’re entitled to as an adult on planet Earth.

However, the school system falls into a different category.

Think back to YOUR high school days – you probably fell into one of these categories yourself.

Nerds are often praised for their academic ability, but at the same time, seem to lack basic social skills, hygeine, fitness.

Jocks are the kings of the schoolyard. The chicks dig them, they have confidence, and are contrary to popular belief, not the total dumbasses the media/hollywood makes them out to be.

In betweeners. These people are usually part of the “cool” crowd, and drift from group to group without really getting into deep relationships with anyone.

So who wins in life?

In my opinion, it’s all 3 – but it depends – I have friends who are still nerds, still have the same confidence from high school, and inbetweeners…

… Yet they’re all at high AND low stations in life.

The difference is the ones with STREET SMARTS are much better off than those with just BOOK SMARTS.

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The Truth About Pheromone Colognes And Perfume

Since the 80’s, people have been have been using things called “pheromones” in an attempt to make themselves appear more attractive than they actually are.

There have been a few “mainstream” social studies such as a test by CNN which concluded they did in fact work… however, that was just a one off and could have easily been because one of the brothers had better game than the other. Who knows?

Do people really believe that wearing synthetic pheromones can make them more attractive? And if so, is there a scientific reasoning behind it?

Well I actually believe a lot of things that MOST people would argue can be a figment of my imagination. Things like “lucid dreaming” and “astral projection” (which are somewhat like having an out of body experience). I believe we are spiritual beings that can at times leave our physical bodies behind. But that’s another story for another day.

Right now, we’re talking about pheromones. And because I’m a truth seeker, and I have strong opinions about random things, I decided to investigate. As it turns out, there actually are quite a few scientific studies on the effects of pheromones – just Google androstadienone, androstenone, androsterone, DHEA, and you’ll find dozens of articles and from official websites proving it. I won’t list them here because I don’t really care about the science as much as I do about just seeing if they really work as they say.

What did I have to lose apart from a few bucks buying a product to see if pheromones actually work?

I ran across a few products including: Pherazone, Pherlure, Pheromax but they just seemed so unrealistic that it boggled my mind how anyone could possibly fall for the hype. They promised getting laid instantly, and even had a clearly fake testimonial by some fat bald guy claiming he was getting women left and right. Yeah right! Common sense tells us that if you’re a slob, then you’re going to get slobby results.

But hey, there’s gotta be something out there that’s actually somewhat believable. I started looking for reviews on the best pheromone products that were available on the market and ran across this interesting website:


This website seemed legitimate because it goes really in depth with pheromone reviews, how to spot scam products, and really tears apart companies trying to rip the general public off.

I took a look through some of vendors including Alpha Dream, Liquid Alchemy Labs, PheromoneXS, and True Pheromones. I settled on getting XiSt because it seemed like an attractive product to use on my girlfriend, and because it was only $30 :)

Anyway, it got here a few days later, and I decided to give 2 shots to neck and wait for my girlfriend to come home.

What I found BLEW ME AWAY!

Okay, so she got home after work and I prepared her some dinner for being the hardworking beautful woman she is… she just started acting very affectionately towards me, it’s hard to describe. When I told her about my day, she just stared at me like something was different – similar to how it was when we first met. The sales pages described it as having a sort “reset” effect on a womans memory. And after a long conversation it became very apparent what these guys were talking about.

Her entire demeanor changed (we had an argument the day before, and the negative air just dissipated completely). She told me how much she loved me, and made me pinky promise to never leave her :’) We have not shared such a loving, intimate moment in a long time, and pheromones were responsible for it happening.

My opinion on pheromones are that they are the TRUTH! However, I doubt they’ll attract any woman you lay eyes on, so be careful to not believe the rubbish. PheromonePro offers real advice and information on pheromone colognes so check out the link above and try them yourself. I will definitely be giving more of them a shot just to see how far they can go in other situations.

Have a good one guys :)

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